Your success, your goals, your dreams are important to us. We want to help you find the fulfillment and satisfaction in life that you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’ve tried churches before and felt they just didn’t relate to you. Maybe they seemed more interested in buildings and budgets and committees than in building people. Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church is not like that.

Our approach is simple. We believe that Jesus Christ desires to build strong people. His life, His power, His love has brought real fulfillment to countless lives. And He can do the same for you. We invite you to come and discover the difference He can make.

Who knows? You may even come back and decide to get involved in this community of faith and love that is committed to building strong people to the glory of God. We are life-centered in our teaching and sensitive to the needs and concerns of others.

We give people the opportunity to put their faith into practice through any number of avenues of service.

We are honored to take our place among the many who are called Christians. We laugh and cry together, rejoice and grieve together, grow together and walk in faith together. We are a place where families can worship together. 

In a world where families seem to be falling apart, we are here to strengthen families. And we want you to know there is always room for you in the Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church Family.

There is a place for you at Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church.