Doing Life Together

Life Groups are an essential part of our church, as they provide a place where deeper fellowship and better support for one another can take place. Considering that the early church worshipped in large settings in the synagogues as well as in homes, we unite together similarly to grow closer to God and one-another. 

Here's how it works! We have two services on Sunday mornings, 9 and 10:30. If you come at 9 you can either attend a LifeGroup and then a worship service or you can attend a worship service and then a LifeGroup. During the short time in between services we grab coffee and hang out with one another. Also in between services, our kids have the optional to stay in the secured Kidz hall and play an organized game. 

There is also a LifeGroup that happens mid-week. 

Check out the sections below to see what groups are offered for all ages when it comes to LifeGroups! 



Women's LifeGroup (Sundays @ 9am) 

- On Summer Break

Leaning forward LifeGroup (Sundays @ 9am)

- This is a discussion based group is looking at Mark Batterson's teaching called "All In." This group is led by Wade Winslow. 

Fellowship LifeGroup (Sundays @ 10:30am) 

- This group operates a lot like a traditional Sunday school class and uses the Wesleyan Quarterly as its curriculum. It is led by Barbara Stallings, Lewis Smith, and Belinda Jackson. 

Journey LifeGroup (Sundays 10:30am)

- On Summer Break

The Story LifeGroup (Tuesdays 7pm)

- This is a Bible Study teaching looking at the overarching themes throughout the New Testament. It is available in person and online and is led by Pastor James. 



Students Attend Worship Together 

(Sundays @ 9am)

- 6-12th grade students sit together during the first worship service. 

Student LifeGroup (Sundays @10:30)

- This is a discussion led group where students discuss how to apply scripture to everyday life as they follow Jesus. 



Nursery, Preschool, & Elementary LifeGroups

(Sundays @ 9am)

- Kidz LifeGroups are small group Bible studies that are fun and engaging for kids at their age group! 

Kidz, Kidz Jr., & Nursery (Sunday's @ 10:30)

- Kidz is a large group worship gathering for elementary school students. Your elementary schooler will worship, hear a Bible teaching, as well as engage in fun activities! 

- Kidz Jr. is a lot like Kidz but is aimed at children who are ages 2- PreK. It is full of fun activities for busy little people! 

- Nursery care is also offered during this service so that you can fully engage in the worship service. Volunteers are background checked and are there to provide the very best of care to your smallest family members.